GEMS – General Engineering Management System…A BETTER way to WORK in the Heavy & Highway Construction Industry.

GEMS is leading the Heavy & Highway Construction Industry into the 21st century with our easy-to-use software systems.  We believe software should be simple to use, save you money, and make your life a lot less complicated at work.  We have been consulting and designing customized software for the Heavy & Highway Construction Industry for over 20 years. We have always used the most bleeding-edge technologies to help make our clients profitable and now we are unveiling our software systems to the entire industry! GEMS is compatible with PCs, Mac, Linux, Mobile Phones, Ultra Mobile PCs, and Tablets.

5 simple-to-use software MODULES to make your business easier to operate:

DispatchNo more whiteboards, no more magnets, no more bar code scanners, no more faxing. GEMS Dispatch is revolutionizing the industry! You can now keep track of all your equipment and employees 24/7 with just a few clicks on your computer keyboard.  Our simple drag & drop system makes it so easy to move people and equipment on any job site within seconds. Say good-bye to wasting time where everyone has to drive to one central office. Say hello to just the necessary people who need to be there. The best part is that DISPATCH can run anywhere, anytime as long as internet access is available.  Are you getting the picture? Can you see yourself sipping on that margarita on the beach as you open your laptop to check in on your crew and equipment?  Here's a bonus! Dispatch runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac personal computers!

Remote Time CaptureGEMS Time is taking the reporting of time from foremen and employees to a whole new level! It's so easy to use

Safety InspectionBillions of dollars and productivity are lost every year due to unsafe incidents. That is why GEMS Safety is quickly setting a whole new standard in the industry. You can now do onsite safety inspections with immediate remote submissions. The safety report can then be reviewed and approved with safety actions assigned to the appropriate person.  It will also track safety history by job and foreman. No more waiting for safety reports to show up while the problem continues and no more looking at volumes of long safety reports.  The system will key in on troubled "hot spots" which allow you to quickly hone in on the unsafe issue so that you can respond in a timely manner.

MobilizationNeed to move a piece of equipment from one job site to another? GEMS Mob software is so easy to use. Just drag & drop it and there you have it. Your equipment is a vital asset to your business. You cannot afford to not know where it is located at all times, especially if you are running many jobs simultaneously. GEMS Mob never lets you forget where all your equipment is 24/7. GEMS Mob keeps track of all your equipment so you don't have to.

Equipment Service & RepairGEMS Service is all about keeping your equipment running smoothy and efficiently.  It's about being proactive versus reactive to a broken piece of equipment. GEMS Service allows you to send in remote repair requests from the job site. It itemizes a mechanic's "to-do" list and keeps track of the repair and service history on the equipment. GEMS Service  auto generates service requests for routine maintenance.


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