A Sneak Preview of GEMS

GEMS LogoDon't you think it's time that the heavy and highway construction industry join the 21st century in how we do business? We designed GEMS for those of you that agree. We built it for the VISIONARIES, the PIONEERS in the industry, the EARLY ADOPTERS. We created it for you because you kept asking us to build a software system that is simple to use and would save you time and money. We are now delivering. You told us how inefficient the industry is. We listened. You told us how much time is wasted and how outdated and overly complex the other software systems are.  We heard you. We have been developing highly customized software for the heavy & highway construction industry for over 20 years and the time has come to bring our cutting-edge software to the masses, but not just anyone.  That's where you come in. We are offering a sneak preview of GEMS for a limited time only before we fully launch this ground-breaking software system nationwide.  That means you get to try GEMS for FREE along with a massive Introduction Discount rate on our pricing structure. You are not afraid to try something that is so REVOLUTIONARY! That is why you are always a few steps ahead of the competition.  One of of our beta testers told us that GEMS will become an industry standard over the next five years. We have reason to believe him. He's been using GEMS now for two years while we have made improvements and changes to the system. Look, I don't mean to sound so "salesy" but we are only offering our Introduction Discount rate for a very limited time.  We are practically giving GEMS away during this pre-launch phase for 3 main reasons: 1. We know times are tough and if we can empower you to move in a direction where you can save money and time and work more efficiently, then we want to help. 2. We can only afford to offer this huge Introduction Discount Rate for a limited time to a limited number of businesses because it is not cost effective for us to do so in the long-term. In other words, we would go out of business if we offered the Introduction Discount Rate to everyone for an unlimited time. 3. We want to build sales momentum during our pre-launch phase. (How's that for honesty!) So what have you got to lose? A FREE trial for a limited time along with a huge Introduction Discount rate. Call us today to get started!


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